Collaboration is King


The sharing economy, collaborative consumption or shareconomy; whatever you chose to call it, we've all heard about it. These are the new buzz words and companies like Uber, AirBnB, Airtasker and to name a few have helped make the idea mainstream today. Startups are now using digital marketplaces such as the aforementioned, or DesignCrowd and Fiverr to source the skills into their business that they are lacking internally, and they are sitting in co-working spaces with a host of other likeminded companies to take advantage of economies of scale for the minimum infrastructure they need to start and run a business.

This kind of sharing is not a new concept in business. It seems today though that there has been a shift in attitude; or maybe a necessity, where so many startups are battling to be the next big thing and scale quickly. Companies that may even be competing in some way are happy to work alongside each other, maybe utilise similar shared resources  and even learn from each other. And businesses that complement each other are taking the journey together and helping each other grow, happy to share experiences and resources and give freely in a scenario that they know will ultimately come back to help them, maybe even two-fold or better. And if it doesn't, the ride was fun and we learned so much along the way!

Today's entrepreneurs know what they are experts in, and know what they need to outsource, or insource, to get the job done. Why waste time trying to learn how to do something that can be done in a fraction of the time, more efficiently, to a higher standard and better value by someone who is an expert in just that function. Anything in your business can be outsourced if you have a mind to it. In most cases you have your 'asset', or what it is that you are doing/selling to create revenue. You know this inside-out and you are good at it. Why not focus on this and let someone else take care of the other necessary functions that will make the revenue stream continue to flow. Actuex is built on this concept and the fact that a business administration system is a value adding asset to any business.

We've seen companies start up, fight the good fight and struggle to gain momentum. Business is tough, especially when you go out on your own. Sometimes they get there but it was a hard road. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, the struggle catches up with you. The Actuex model aims to provide a safety net or pit crew for businesses that removes the distractions of everyday running of the business and gives business owners a clear space to do what they do best.

In an economy where sharing resources and collaboration is the norm, it no longer just gives you an edge to take advantage of these things, it sets you back if you're not participating. There will always be other businesses out there that are using innovative methods of scaling and creating efficiencies; and they will be the success stories we read about in the business publications. In today's economy, it's very much a case of "Collaboration is king", and it's subjects are reaping the rewards!

Author: Damiaan van Zanen

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