Power of a Plan


Remember that feeling of drowning in the sheer mass of tasks to get through before you'll ever see the light of day? It's a stifling feeling and can trip the panic button in all of us. We've all been there!

It happens in daily life, it happens at work and it will slowly creep up on you until it's too late!

The only way to avoid it is to have a plan. There is so much to be said for prioritising, delegating, managing time, outsourcing, insourcing or ignoring, but at the crux of all of these is the planning process in order to do them. Before this feeling of drowning hits us, we need to take some time, have a few deep breaths and think about what is to be done.

Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • What is really important?
  • What will happen if I don't get to it?
  • Will some tasks be dependent on others?
  • Can I offload this to someone else?

I'm an avid list maker. I have lists for my personal life and work life, lists for long term and short term, lists for things that may never happen, which acts as a reminder that while not important now, I still need to think of these from time-to-time, in case they eventuate.

Every trade and profession has a plan at the heart of the job to be done. It's when we fall out of this that we seem to get lost. Entrepreneurs, business owners, super mums/dads, executives, managers and the like often find themselves in a swirling bucket of never-ending tasks. In most of these cases, their time isn't even their own, unless they plan for it to be so.

A to-do list or action plan of some sort can be quite motivating. It can lift you out of the swirling bucket and give you clear direction. If you are disciplined enough to follow it you will find calm in the knowledge that everything will be done and all is in its place. Make a list, block out time, sit down and take action against your plan. The future won't be so daunting and a calmer existence will follow.

Just don't fall into the trap that we've all been in, thinking that the list or plan you've written is enough work for the day. A plan is only as good as the person carrying it out!

Author: Damiaan van Zanen

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