We are Actuex!


After many months of planning and keeping secrets, we are excited to finally announce that our name has now officially changed from TRB Group to Actuex. This name change is part of our deliberate rebranding strategy targeted to emphasise our real life experience in the engineering industry and what it takes to activate excellence in a professional practice.

Our brand name and promise of ‘activating excellence’ reflects our expertise, and the ability to assist our clients to activate excellence on a daily basis. Our dedicated and hardworking team exist purely to manage the crucial, administrative areas within businesses to ensure valued employees continue doing what they do best. Our team understands what makes a successful professional services practice, because we understand professional services. In short we perfectly fit the definition of an actuator - a machine that converts energy into motion. We help put the expertise of engineers and other edge workers into motion to gain momentum for their business. We activate excellence in your business. We are Actuex.

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Author: Damiaan van Zanen

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