A ‘Sit-Down’ Interview with Magic – Actuex’s ‘Non-Executive Chairman’


In celebration of ‘bring your dog to work day, last Friday 23 June, we managed to secure an exclusive interview with our non-executive chairman, Magic, who has been in the role for close to 2 years (14 dog years). Although today is a special day for most dogs, it is literally just another day in the office for Magic, who is seen in the office 3-4 days per week. As you can see in the picture below, Magic was dressed up for the occasion in a black tie, on a normal day he takes a more smart-casual approach wearing a collar.

Actuex: What is your role in the business?

Magic: I am an everywhere, everything dog - whatever is needed of me I provide. Whether that is a helping paw with the washing up or sniffing out clients and visitors before they arrive, I love to add value to the business anywhere I can!

Actuex: What does a work day at Actuex look like for you, Magic?

Magic: Well, some days are ruff and no two days are the same but I love my job. I love the positive effect that I have on people, I am a naturally optimistic dog (especially when there’s food around) and that seems to rub off on my colleagues. Don’t just take it from me, Research shows that having a pet in the workplace can make a very positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of my colleagues too.

Actuex: What advice would you give to workplaces thinking of allowing dogs in the office?

Magic: Unsuprisingly, I think it is a great initiative. It’s a proven stress-reliever not only here at Actuex but in other workplaces also. As well as the ability to fall asleep at anyone’s feet, I can tell when my colleagues are stressed and it is amazing what happens when they look into my eyes and give me a pat, no matter what deadlines or other stresses we are all working to.

In any case, it is just great to give every colleague an opportunity to step away from the computer and take a break. They also give me the unlimited amount of pats and treats that I truly deserve.

Actuex: Thank you for time today, Magic, What do you have planned for the rest of the day?

Magic: I have a nap scheduled in Scott’s lap at 3pm. That should take me out until close of business but if not I will pester the interns for food, I love a new audience.

Happy International Bring Your Dog to Work Day to all of the offices that are celebrating it. We’d love to hear your office dog stories if you have any!


Author: Matthew Ellis

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