Ways to Motivate Millennials at work.


“Young adults are our future!” I’ve heard this statement from parents, grandparents, senior staff and well-distinguished men and women. In my opinion, we are not just the future, we are the present. Let me tell you why.

Since the industrial revolution, there have been rapid changes on a global scale. This has paved the way for the introduction of many amazing things that we take for granted today, such as cars and electricity. We are currently in the midst of another transition that could be called the ‘technology revolution’ and this is the transition into which Millennials have been born.  We’ve grown up in the “fast future” - we see change as an inevitable factor of life. Just like previous generations, being impacted by past social and cultural effects, we have been influenced by the hustle and bustle of our changing world, which we have to some extent become immune to.

We are all living in a rapidly changing world and we are seeing that the qualities that are defining our generation are changing at a similar pace. To some we are seen to be easily excited, optimistic and engaging. Others see us as lazy, dumb and named the worst employees in history. I’ve heard them all - we are not strangers to criticism. Let’s make one thing certain: we’re not perfect. We have never experienced the hard life lessons that come with Civil Rights Movements or a detrimental economic downturn as severe as The Great Depression. What does define us however, is our need to make a difference!

My generation has grown to have a genuine interest in so many underlying factors within our society. We are educated, connected and have become key players in supporting strong leaders, causes, organisations and social movements. More and more young people are following their ideas and passions by starting up their own companies and not-for-profit organisations and have taken on leadership challenges with pride.

Success stories of disruption and outside the box thinking do exist as far back as the likes of Mozart, Thomas Jefferson and most recently Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Yet across all generations, the same and at times stagnant work mentality is still very common. I believe it is the Millennials that can turn this around. Our generation are the disruptors. There are plenty of start-ups and success stories of Millennials and large corporations; businesses could really harness this passion to innovate and disrupt. We have the chance to bring a level of empowerment to discussions which can really support the fact that Millennials are more than just the “doers” in businesses.

Today Millennials have so many opportunities to do great things because of the abundant number of tools and resources at our fingertips to do so. All we need is the proper guidance and support from our employers.






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Author: Liana Mammone

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