Confessions of an Actuex Intern


This year I was lucky enough to intern with Actuex in the lead up to the Sydney Water Polo Youth Festival. After learning that I was successful, my first reaction was pure excitement. My second reaction was fear. I was a second year Commerce student with no experience and found myself in a third year Public Relations Internship. I had doubts as to whether I was capable of contributing anything to this company, let alone control the social media platforms for an international event.

On my first day at Actuex, I had no idea what to expect. I met Matthew Ellis, the intern that I would work alongside in the lead up to the Sydney Water Polo Youth Festival. Meeting Matt amplified my fears by 200%. I remember feeling inferior in comparison to a smart, third year student that knew exactly what he was doing. Instead of continuing to worry, however, I took a deep breath, thought of everything I could offer in my role and, believe it or not, I survived the first day.

I specifically remember a time where I apologized to Scott for asking a question, to which he replied, “don’t ever be sorry for asking a question.” That was the moment all my worries and doubts disappeared. I was continuously surprised by the amount of support offered to me by everyone at Actuex, and I truly felt that it was a work environment I belonged in (it helped that they have an office dog). I was given opportunities to write media releases, interview Olympians and control content that was released to the public, and they trusted me completely. I loved the work I was doing, however, I was more grateful for the people I worked with. The team at Actuex became the worlds best support system, and allowed me to understand just how important it is to build strong friendships at work. It was no surprise that my family eventually got sick of me coming home from work and raving about how much I loved being apart of it.


The lead up to the Sydney Water Polo Youth Festival was stressful, but it was nothing compared to the week of the event. To say the least, an opening ceremony followed by 4x10 hour days of water polo soon turned me into a coffee addict, but I was never quite ready say goodbye. It was one of the most inspiring showcases of athleticism and sport that I had witnessed in a long time, and I had a front row seat. Every day we were responsible for 4 media volunteers as well as producing content for all of our social media pages – to say we were busy is an understatement.

When it was all finished and done, I thought I would be happy to return to my normal, everyday life, however, after a day, I felt quite sad. Sad that it was over.

As I look for more experience in the PR industry, I have extreme doubts that any internship or workplace I enter in the future will provide me with the same level of support and friendship that Actuex did. I have never known a more lovely and beautiful bunch of people, and I learnt more from this internship than I ever could in a University Degree.

Author: Emma Brown

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