The Power of Branding


Branding is seen to be one of the most valuable assets a company can have, captivating both the conscious and unconscious minds of consumers. It often is defined differently to different people and overtime has become a powerful tool to help create credibility, a level of differentiation between competitors and build an emotional connection.

The concept of branding can be traced back to the days of the Wild West to denote ownership of livestock, where an iron would be placed onto the backside hip of a rancher’s animal. Gone are the days where large sums of money are invested on having elaborate logos and flashy business cards. The approach to branding now appears to be subtle yet deliberate and that is due to the changing faces of our customers.

Consumers are becoming more “street savvy” and educated. What was deemed acceptable in customer service is no longer enough. They don’t just want it – they want it now! We are in the age of immediacy, a need-to-stay-in-touch society and the pace of life is quicker. Consumer behaviour is changing and this has caused many businesses to reflect upon how to market their brand to the public.

Actuex has recently experienced a company re-brand. We found it was the right time to showcase our extended knowledge, our experience working in the engineering sector and have this story be a distinct reflection of our brand, what we stand for and how we present ourselves to our stakeholder groups. Our re-brand has become far more than just a new logo. It was all about aligning our vision, values and goals with everything that our clients experience whilst working with our team.


Here are some of the common characteristics that can help build a brand.



David Ogilvy – the Father of Advertising once said, “You cannot bore people into buying your product; you can only interest them in buying it”. A powerful way you can build interest is to create an emotional connection with your company. This can be as simple as sharing the company’s history, the key turning point or ‘light bulb’ moment that helped create this different approach to the business. It is a great dialogue piece that can be incorporated into corporate presentations, business plans, proposals, marketing material and even a unique touch when meeting a new potential customer for the first time.


We have all read the unbelievable company mission statements that only seem appealing but don’t really serve a purpose other than just a plaque on the wall. Your messaging, tagline, brand promise and values should form part of how your company presents itself both online, offline and most importantly to your customers and stakeholders. This includes everything from brand colours, typography, tone of voice to dealing with clients. Your brand messages should be honest and reflect that of what your company offer in terms of quality of products, services, pricing and customer relationships.


Your company’s culture should be an essential factor to consider when building your brand. When looking at your brand, consider it from an “inside-out” perspective. Not only is it important to build client relationships based on authenticity and trust, but it is also paramount that you make these themes a focus and what your employees stand for within the business. In other words, it is crucial your staff and senior management teams embody all the qualities that make your brand unique.



It is important to realise that your approach to your new market and branding style may be slightly different to what you have currently in place. By immersing yourself in a culture, it will bring opportunities for you to see similarities and differences. From there you can develop a brand personality framework per country which can be shared with your global teams. The framework can thread everything about your company from branding, emotion and design with the universal similarities essential to maintain brand consistency. If your company already has a style guide, encourage each office to hire a local graphic designer/marketing agent to help promote these unique company messages all within the styling requirements.


Branding your Business






Author: Liana Mammone

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